There are no Orcs or half-Orcs on Leva. These desert-dwellers find even the relatively mild summers intolerably cold, and of the few who ever visited, none survived even one of the winters.

There are, however, Beastmen, who are more closely related to the common ancestor of Orcs, Trolls, and Goblinoids. They were created by a chaotic immortal to add spice and variety to the world; part of this heritage means that they do not breed true. They range from tiny, scrawny, goblin-like creatures to massive, hulking tusked brutes. Their skins may be the palest of white or a deep green, and they may have tusks, fangs, fur, or other beast-like characteristics. A child is almost guaranteed to look nothing like its parents or siblings.

Beastmen live in semi-nomadic tribes. They build turf homes in the territories where they graze their livestock, but rotate through different territories throughout the years. The long days and cold weather means that grass is especially nutritious, and their sheep and cattle are well prized. In very prosperous years, they will even send traders to human or dwarf lands to trade the meat of their beasts for tools and weapons.

The Beastmen and the Yeti are mortal enemies, due to the Yeti habit of raiding the Beastmen herds. Yeti are only found is the most remote peaks, but will come down from their mountains when food is scarce, and the Beastmen are generally the first people they encounter.

They are no more inclined to evil than any other race; oddly, their chaotic natures mean that some may be born with a lawful bent. They love their wild and frozen homes; on Leva, their appearance causes no surprise, but in other parts of the world, they would probably be taken for monsters and hunted or killed outright.

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